Writing about Teaching is Hard

Tom Kertes~June 4, 2018 /Education

I have put off writing about teaching because it’s hard to write about teaching.

Everything I do as a teacher is particular to the students and community where I work. Moreover, what makes sense one day won’t make sense the next day. So how can I reflect on this process – in a way that’s helpful to other teachers?

Another reason why writing about teaching is hard is because it’s all personal. I cannot write about what matters without telling too much about my students. I think this is one reason why so much about teaching is abstracted beyond being meaningful. Better to write about a theory of knowledge than the major meltdown of the day.

Finally, writing about teaching is hard because teaching is hard, especially the kind of teaching that’s required of public school teachers. Our job is to work with every student in the community. To open our schools and classrooms, to work with all families and all students, and to make education meaningful for everyone. And we must do this as approximation, trying to do right while knowing full well that better was always possible. is:

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